Uncopyable Women in Sales

Welcome to Uncopyable Women in Sales!

September 06, 2023 Kay MIller Season 1 Episode 0
Uncopyable Women in Sales
Welcome to Uncopyable Women in Sales!
Show Notes

What's the story behind the Uncopyable Women in Sales podcast? I'm Kay Miller, your host, and I recorded this short episode to welcome you to the show. You'll hear a little about my background, and find out what (and/or who) inspired me to create this podcast.  Be sure to stick around for the rest of the episodes to learn from - and be inspired by - the amazing women I interview. They have impressive sales track records, and share their own secrets to success. My goal is to help you sell more, earn more, and take your sales success to a new level. 

Thanks so much for being here!

Kay Miller interviews women in sales with proven track records, as they share their experiences, success strategies and tools you can use to crush your sales goals. Kay has a history of sales success, earning the nickname “Muffler Mama” when she sold more automotive mufflers than anyone in the world. Kay and her guests deliver actionable insights and real-world tools that will help you overcome obstacles, adopt a winning mindset, and maximize your sales results.

Kay is the author of the book, Uncopyable Sales Secrets – How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell the Competition. Go to Amazon.com and search “Uncopyable Sales Secrets” to order the book, or click the link below.

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