Uncopyable Women in Sales

Katie RV O'Neill

October 11, 2023 Kay MIller Season 1 Episode 9
Uncopyable Women in Sales
Katie RV O'Neill
Show Notes

Kay welcomes guest Katie RV O'Neill.  Katie sells high-end RV's and is one of the top salespeople in the nation! Katie is energetic, extremely knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about her customers.  Kay and Katie discuss the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field.  Katie explains her personal branding, her trademark videos that draw thousands of reviews, and how she developed the confidence to record hundreds of them. She reveals her personal branding promise, which she tells every prospect and customer up front. She shares the importance of "next step" selling in closing deals, and how she builds relationships with customers that generate repeat sales and referrals. 

Katie's journey in the automotive industry began after a frustrating car purchase while moving from Carmel to San Francisco. She swiftly excelled, becoming the top salesperson at Cypress Coast Nissan and Subaru within three months. In 2000, Katie entered the Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG), pioneering an Internet Department at Boardwalk VW and earning a top regional sales position by November 2002.

Her career shifted to Mercedes-Benz of San Francisco (MBSF), where she continued to thrive as a top salesperson while also embracing motherhood. In 2005, Katie relocated to Mercedes-Benz of Westminster, initiating her third New Car Internet department. Noteworthy accomplishments included participation in the Master Guild Tour in Germany and winning the Regional Walk Around Contest in 2011.

After 11 years with Mercedes-Benz, Katie transitioned to Audi Boulder when Kuni Automotive Group acquired the Stammler Audi store. In 2015 and 2016, she secured top positions in new Audi sales in Colorado and the region, earning recognition as a "Top Pro" among Kuni's dealerships.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Katie ventured into RV sales and found success. She quickly became one of the top salespeople in the nation, and currently enjoys a fulfilling career at Transwest RV in Frederick, Colorado.



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