Uncopyable Women in Sales

Brenda Meller: Use LinkedIn to Make More Sales

October 18, 2023 Kay MIller Season 1 Episode 10
Uncopyable Women in Sales
Brenda Meller: Use LinkedIn to Make More Sales
Show Notes

Kay interviews Brenda Meller, a LinkedIn specialist and author of the book "Social Media Pie." They discuss using LinkedIn effectively for sales, with a focus on women in sales. Brenda shares her perspective on using LinkedIn for sales and highlights the importance of the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) - and explains how to find  yours! They also discuss the importance of relationship building, offering valuable content, and converting relationships into paid clients. Brenda and Kay discuss their approach as consultants vs being a traditional salesperson. They also discuss strategies for promoting programs, increasing engagement, and commenting strategically on LinkedIn.

Note: to find your LinkedIn SSI, make sure you're logged into LinkedIn, then go to: https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi

For an article by Brenda that describes how to improve your LinkedIn SSI: https://www.mellermarketing.com/mylinkedinssi


From Brenda's Linked In profile: I help executives, job seekers, the self-employed, and sales leaders get a bigger slice of the LinkedIn™ pie. HOW I’M DIFFERENT: I'm an experienced marketer who “gets” LinkedIn™ through social selling. Want to AMPLIFY your LinkedIn™ results now? I can help you. 📌 FOLLOW me for LinkedIn™ Strategy tips. ⬇ Keep Reading to Learn How I Can Help You with LinkedIn™ ⬇ READY NOW? Visit www.mellermarketing.com | brenda@mellermarketing.com

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